Negotiation Consulting Services

Critical negotiation on the horizon?
Selling or buying a business?
Want expert negotiation advice?

LNI can help you get what you want — either from behind the scenes or on the front line. Adding a negotiation expert to the team can be the difference between winning and walking away empty-handed, especially in deals where a 3% - 5% improvement can be worth millions.

Your most significant deals and initiatives will benefit from the expert advice of a master negotiator. Perhaps you’re negotiating a sizeable settlement, or working through a new employment agreement. LNI will help:

  • guide you through these critical negotiations,
  • see that you leave as little as possible on the table,
  • increase the likelihood that the deal will close,
  • make sure you get the best deal by maximizing you take home price.
  • secure peace of mind - knowing you did all you could

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“Marty’s invaluable advice and expertise helped us develop and implement an extremely effective negotiation strategy. His advice was worth millions. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to sell their company.”

  • Client in a transaction valued at approximately $80 million