GTE_BOOK Gain The Edge!
Negotiating To Get What You Want.

Negotiating a new salary? Buying a car or house? Closing a deal with a big client? In Gain the Edge!® Negotiating to Get What You Want, Martin Latz reveals the simple steps that will improve anyone’s negotiating skills, in every negotiation.

WWSYS_VHS_NEW Winning Without Selling Your Soul
A Roundtable on Ethical Negotiation

National negotiation expert Martin E. Latz plays Devil’s Advocate to a panel of successful negotiators from the legal, business and political arenas.

Watch the sparks fly as they fly:
  • Discuss effective – and ethical – negotiation strategies
  • Demonstrate negotiation techniques and tactics
  • Share their secrets of successful negotiation
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LGRON_VHS_NEW Gain The Edge!®
Latz's Golden Rules of Negotiation

You negotiate every day. In fact, your ability to effectively negotiate may be the most critical skill you possess. Yet most negotiate instinctively or intuitively. This videotaped seminar will help you approach negotiations with a strategic mindset.
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StratGuide_pdf Gain The Edge!® Strategic Guide to
Effective Negotiations

The Gain the Edge!® Strategic Guide to Effective Negotiations provides an easy-to-use template to walk you through all your negotiations. This how-to guide - that you can download and print for FREE – includes Latz’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation, along with tips and tactics to use in all your future negotiations.
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