About Us

Getting what you want means knowing how to get it

Truly successful negotiators know they can’t always trust their instincts. So they learn the most effective strategies and tactics. Practical, powerful, leverage-building techniques that get results. They know that no matter how much they’ve negotiated, they can always learn more.

The fact is, whether you’re an experienced negotiator or uncomfortable with the process, practice and training will only make you better. With an unlimited number of variables in every negotiation, you never know when that one simple – yet crucial – move will make the difference between coming up empty-handed or walking away a winner.

So when your profit margin hangs in the balance, or when your career, your reputation, and the success of your organization are on the line, you can’t afford to leave it to your intuition. You must rely on your expertise – the kind we’ll help you develop at the Latz Negotiation Institute.

Expert experience

LNI is an organization dedicated to the research, training and implementation of effective negotiation strategies and techniques. Since 1998 LNI has trained thousands of business professionals and lawyers from over 40 states in how to more effectively negotiate. Clients have included the largest law firms, Fortune 500 companies and others in a wide variety of industries.

LNI clients negotiate more effectively and successfully by learning and implementing Latz's Five Golden Rules of Negotiation.