Latz Negotiation Institute: 06/30/2017
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1940 refused to negotiate with Hitler. President George W. Bush in 2001 refused to negotiate with the Taliban.

Nelson Mandela, by contrast, reached out in 1985 to negotiate with South Africa’s white government, one that enforced a racist regime and had imprisoned him for over two decades. And President Barack Obama negotiated with Iran, which supports terrorist groups.
Latz Negotiation Institute: 05/31/2017
The movie started with a 52-year-old not very successful salesman peddling a multi-mixer milkshake machine to small drive-ins. He wasn’t having much luck.

Then he heard he had just sold six to one buyer in San Bernardino, California. Thinking it must be a mistake, he called them and they bought two more. So he drove cross-country to find out who bought them.

There he met the McDonald brothers, saw their restaurant, and heard their story.
Latz Negotiation Institute: 04/27/2017
‘Stan’ was a jerk. Totally self-absorbed with a massive ego, he was super aggressive and always breaking the rules. Reputation-wise, most people couldn’t stand him. Brilliant at software, though, he had developed a superb product.

The deal – based on an objective analysis of your financial and other interests – appeared to be excellent. But Stan would have a significant role going forward. So how you interacted and negotiated would be extremely significant.